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  • Expo news—2010 BAUMA CHINA
    Post time: 04-14-2020

    Our company attended the 2010 BAUMA CHINA which was biannually held in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center on 23rd-26th November. Besides showing our mature products -ITM,STF,OMZ series hydraulic motors, we also exhibit our new products: CRM-HA series(cam-ring motor),CRM-BBC series(Shel...Read more »

  • Expo news: 2010 PTC ASIA
    Post time: 04-14-2017

    Our company attends the 2010 PTC ASIA held in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center on 25th-28th October. Besides exhibiting the widely known three series motors (ITM series, STF series and OMZ series), we also showed our new products CRM series cam-ring motor, SMA6V series’ axial piston m...Read more »

  • EXPO.NEWS- 2012APM
    Post time: 04-14-2017

    STF attend the Asia Pacific Maritime 2012 on 14th-16th Mar as scheduled. we especially show our STF series and CRM series motors which are widely applied in deck machinery. It is a tour of harvest for STF. we not only get the lastest information of Singapore’s shipbuilding market , but also achie...Read more »

  • Expo.News – Marintec China 2011
    Post time: 04-14-2017

    Compared to the 2009 Marintec China, STF participate this exhibition with much more mature image, fully showing the strength as “ a force that drives the world”. With five-year market practice, we finish development of full series’ of STFC and STFD motors, and are proud to see their hot popularit...Read more »

  • Post time: 04-14-2017

    DATE: 29 Nov.-2 Dec. VENUE: SNIEC,PUDONG BOOTH: HALL W1,1G61-1 1G61-2 Read more »

  • Expo News—-The 14th International Coal & Mining Expo 2011
    Post time: 04-14-2017

    Our company successfully attended the 14th International Coal & Mining Expo which was held in the National Agricultural Exhibition Hall during Oct.28th-31st. Because of its small size but supreme performance, the CRM series high-pressure motor attracts lots of visitors. Based on the competeti...Read more »

  • Expo. News—2011 PTC ASIA
    Post time: 04-14-2017

    We attend the 2011 PTC ASIA held in Shanghai New International Expo. Center on 25th-28th Oct. Our new booth-designing and diverse productions had attracted lots of eye. Visitors from all of the countries had great interests in our new CRM-PS inner-curve series motor. Besides, the classic ITM, STF...Read more »

  • Expo.News – 2011CHINAPLAS
    Post time: 04-14-2017

    STF attended the 2011CHINAPLAS which was held in Guangzhou on 15-17th, May.   With rapid development of automobile industry, large plastic machinery shows its big potential market. Therefore, in this exhibition, we especially show our STF series, and CRM-HA series’ big motors which are appli...Read more »

  • Expo.News – IFPE 2011
    Post time: 04-14-2017

    We celebrate the successful participation of IFPE2011(22-26th,Mar. LASVEGAS)for STF US distributor, consolidating the American market for STF hydraulic motors. STF general manager & STF US distributor Read more »

  • Expo news—The 4th Guangzhou International Maritime Expo.
    Post time: 04-14-2017

    On 8th-10th December, we attended the 4th Guangzhou International Maritime Expo. We exhibited the ITM series, CRM series and STF series in this show, which is widely used in deck machinery, and get high comments from global professional visitors. This expo aims to strengthen our market in Guangzh...Read more »

  • Expo.News-CIMPS 2012
    Post time: 04-14-2017

    2012 China International Marine,port&Shipbuilding Fair(CIMPS) was held in Nanjing International Expo. Center on 23 th -25th,May. To the demand of ship deck machinery market, especially the anchor and winch machiney, we displayed ITM、STFC and STFD series motors, also the high pressure product...Read more »

  • Expo.News:2012 PTC ASIA
    Post time: 04-14-2017

    On 29th Oct.-1stNov., we attend 2012 PTC ASIA with all of series’ products. The display of our new products cam- ring motors and axial piston motors won the high praise from the professional visitors and even the manufacturers of the same industry. “Innovation drives the future”.STF keeps motion ...Read more »

  • Expo. News-Marintec China 2013
    Post time: 04-14-2017

    Marintec China 2013 was hold in New International Expo Centre in Shanghai on 3st, December, which attracted more than 1200 companies from over 30 countries. Besides STF、CRM-HA、CRM-HB series motors,we also presented our new products AV6 and A2F series which suited to extensive application in dec...Read more »

  • Expo Nesw-Interpretation Drive And Keep Innovation(2013PTC)
    Post time: 04-14-2017

    The PTC Asia was hold in shanghai new international expo center at 28th-31th Oct. As the leader of the hydraulic components,STF show itself with the novel style、variety products,which attracted numerous audience at home and abroad to visit its booth. This time STF showed ITM、STF and CRM-HA seri...Read more »

  • Expo. News:Shiptec china 2014
    Post time: 04-14-2017

      Faced with the challenge to new height On 21th-24 October, shiptec china 2014 was hold at Dalian world expo center. Faced with the floundering market of ship, STF attend the show with all series initiatively. Especially the CRM-HB560 series attracted more attention and won a highly praise and a...Read more »

  • Post time: 03-27-2017


  • Expo. News-The 2015 Marintec China
    Post time: 03-23-2017

             The 2015 Marintec China was held in New International Expo Centre of Shanghai on 1st, December, which attracted more than 2000 companies from 34 countries and more than 60000 professional visitor attend.   Besides ITM series and STF series’ motors, and CRM inner curved motors th...Read more »

  • Expo. News:2015PTC
    Post time: 03-22-2017

    From the manufacturer of hydraulic components to hydraulic integration   On 27th -30th October, 2015 Asia international power transmission and control exhibition was held in Shanghai new international export center.   As a leader of domestic hydraulic industry,STF, again,shows with plurali...Read more »

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