Company Profile

STF Hydraulic Transmissions Company Limited is a joint venture company specialising in the research, development and manufacture of the hydraulic element of hydraulic motors、hydraulic valves and so on.

        We have gathered together an outstanding management team, exceptionally qualified engineers and employed the world’s leading practices in the design and manufacture of hydraulic motors, to bring you only products of the highest standard.Under our ERP system of management, every single part is inspected and every product rigorously tested before it leaves our factory to ensure their unimpeachable standard and quality.

        The design of the ITM, STF (contain STFC and STFD), CRM(contain CRM-HA, CRM-HB and CRM-PS), A6V、A2F and OMZ series of hydraulic motors、the valve of HSBF, HMKE, LG has thoughtfully incorporated considerations such as compatibility,ease of assembly and general working conditions.As a result, our products are highly efficient, exhibiting a wide range of speeds, low speed stability, shock absorption, and compatibility with different systems. These characteristics make them perfectly suited to extensive application in equipment used in processes such as coal mining, ship building, construction and petroleum.

        At STF, we strive to provide our customers with only the best products and after-sale service possible. This is our commitment to your satisfaction.




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